Our shop is equipped to handle all your needs.  Please take a   quick tour.



Raw material sheets are cut  to smaller sheet for easier handling on our 2 power squaring shears with 6 ft x 10 ga. capacity

We have commonly used materials in stock, most other sizes and gages can be ordered within 24hrs.
  Depending on the job requirements, we choose the appropriate punch press.  EMI has a total of 3 CNC and manual controlled punch presses with  different capacities.
  We also have a 1500 watt laser with a 4 x 8 foot table to handle your special requirments
Our brake department consist of a total of 5 press brakes from 11 to 135  tons capacity and bed length of 4 ft to 10 ft.

 As required parts will be welded from our certified welders.  We have in-house 2 TIG and 1 MIG welder available.


 We inspect all setup pieces as well as samples during the production run to assure 100% adherence to your specifications.

Our machine shop is equipped to handle smaller runs and allows us to manufacture and maintain many of our tools in-house.  We have several lathes, mills, drill presses and surface grinder.

We have 4 mills available for production of machine parts and tools.

Our lathes can handle material up to 40 inches long and 12 inches in diameter.  Our surface grinder can handle work pieces up to 6" by 18".